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Accounting & Auditing

At Elek & Noss CPAs we believe the client comes first.  As a small to midmarket firm, we provide a high level of service and technical expertise, which includes constant involvement of our Partners.  We are committed to understanding your financial goals and objectives with frequent and open communication, so that you always know the status of your work. 

During the preplanning process, we work with you in developing a thorough assessment of where you are currently by reviewing the accuracy of data recorded in your general ledger, the organization of your bookkeeping, examining your financial statements, and any other items that will allow us to identify which pitfalls to avoid and discover what opportunities there are to improve your efficiencies and profitability. 

Like anyone else, we do not appreciate surprise bills or hidden fees.  Elek & Noss CPAs charge only for the services we provide and have easily outlined in our proposals.

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