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What Happens After I File My Tax Returns


Many taxpayers receive refunds, unfortunately some have to pay additional taxes.  Either way you want to make sure the taxing agencies have received your tax returns and they are being processed. If you are waiting on a refund or correspondence by mail and you move you need to notify the taxing agency.  After the tax returns are filed and you have all the paperwork, a common question is “what records do I have to keep” or “what do I do if a mistake has been made”.


Many taxpayers have these questions every year. To read the full article with the answers to all these questions click on the  Tax tab above.


The IRS has announced that taxpayers set a record this year by e-filing more than 100 million tax returns. Almost one billion returns have been e-filed since 1990.


That saves a lot of trees!                                        Source: IRS.GOV

Reasons to Choose Elek & Noss CPA's


· Our philosophy is clients first

· Timely delivery of services

· Close personal attention only available from small firms

· Ongoing involvement of Partners

· A commitment to confidentiality

· We only provide the services you need

· Committed to understanding you and your goals

· Frequent and open communications

· Driven to be your long-term partner

· Actively involved in the community

· We are a firm dedicated to long-term growth

· Members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants


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